Get started

In this guide we will show you how to load games and apps to the PocketStar:


Step 1:

First, you have to press the home button located on the top of the PocketStar.

Here you can see how to insert the SD card correctly


Step 2:

After turning on the PocketStar, you will see the PocketStar logo. Press any button to get to the menu.
From there you go to “Settings” > “Eject SD Card”.

If there is a SD card in the PocketStar, you should take it out now. If you push once,
a part of the SD card looks out, so you can pull it out.


Step 3:

Connect the micro SD card to your computer and download a game or app you want from our website.

Drag the .zip file that you just downloaded to the SD card and unzip it.
Now you have a folder called “games” (and/or “apps”) where all the latest games/apps are stored on your SD card.


Step 4:

If your PocketStar went into standby mode, press the home button on the top to wake it up again.
If the green text is still visible, you can insert the SD card again and then press A.

Now the PocketStar reboots and has loaded all games and apps.


If your PocketStar stops responding, it probably crashed. This usually happens only if you remove the micro SD card without the “Eject SD Card” function in the Settings.

You can simply restart the PocketStar by putting a sharp object into the hole on the back of the PocketStar (Bottom left).

Click here for a Guide on how to develop your own games and upload it directly to the PocketStar. There are also two sample sketches available in your library. Click here to learn more.

The PocketStar can recognize Micro SD Cards with any storage capacity. We tested 512GB Micro SD cards, and it works just fine.

Other files on the micro SD card should not be a problem, as the PocketStar only reads the contents of the “games” & “apps” folders.

If your PocketStar doesn’t recognize your Micro SD Card, there are three different error messages:


1. “SD card not found”

If this error message appears, either no Micro SD card is inserted or the PocketStar can not detect the Micro SD card.

This is most likely because dust is in the Micro SD card slot. This can be fixed by simply blowing into the empty slot to remove the dust.

If you press “A” while the error message is still there, the PocketStar will restart and try to recognize the Micro SD card again.


2. “Failed to load SD”

If this error message appears, there is a problem with the SD card. Either it is unreadable for the PocketStar or the Micro SD card was not properly formatted. To be able to read from the Micro SD card, it must have the FAT32 format.

If you press “A” while the error message is still there, the PocketStar will restart and try to load the Micro SD card again.


3. “No game found” / “No app found”

If this error message appears, either there are no games/apps on the SD card or the folder system is not correct.

On the Micro SD Card must be two folders called “games” and/or “apps”. In it are the folders for the games and apps.

For example, if you want to add Pocketris, the “pocketris.bin” file and the “pocketris.psi” file must be in the “pocketris” folder, which is in the “games” folder.


If you have any questions, you can contact us.